Triune or Triad? One Flesh or duo?

What has complementarian doctrine done to Jesus except transform him into a little god in the minds of its followers? The war against women and the seed of the righteous, which began in the garden (Genesis 3:15), has done nothing but escalate in these last days, with the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) leading the charge. Their hatred of women is so intense, they have demoted the Creator of all Things--the All Mighty--to a cosmic errand-boy. And they have largely gotten away with it! 

Apostasy from sound doctrine is taking place on a worldwide scale, and nowhere is this desertion more evident than in the acceptance of heretical,  male headship teaching, propagated by the CBMW.

Excerpted from  HHBC
Elohiym   Gods, i.e., The Godhead. All references to “God” in Genesis chapter one are Strong’s Hebrew reference 430, “Elohiym”.  The word refers to more than two (Martin/Ankerberg 1985). There is a word in Hebrew that refers to more than one but not more than two, but Elohiym is not that word. The word “Elohiym, is a reference to the Godhead. Genesis 1:1 specifically tells us that it is the LORD God Yahweh Elohiym—the Godhead—who created all things (Isaiah 44:24, 45:18, John 1:3,10). This is first Biblical evidence that Jesus is Jehovah, not simply a subordinate god that Yahweh Elohiym “used” to create all things. Jesus is Yahweh Elohiym (1 Timothy 3:16 kjv). According to Philippians 2:10-11, which is a New Testament quote of Jehovah who is speaking in Isaiah 45:23, Jesus is The LORD GOD—Yahweh Elohiym—of Genesis1-3. The fullness (entirety) of the Godhead resides in Jesus in physical form (Colossians 2:9). We serve a God who is one. The Holy of Holies literally means the Holy place of the Holy Ones—i.e., the Godhead (Cooke). Do we understand how God can be three yet be one? No, we do not. It is as impossible for man to analyze and pry apart the Godhead as it would be to attempt to separate the soul and spirit; only God has sufficient understanding and power to accomplish such a thing in His triune personage and yet remain one. It is sin to theologically transform the Triune Godhead into a hierarchal, idolatrous, triad. Just so, it is sin to theologically turn the holy, one flesh, relationship of marriage into a hierarchal duo with a god-man at the helm. Man made hierarchies accomplish nothing less than the conversion of triune into triad and one flesh into hierarchal duo.

About the Author: Jocelyn Andersen is best known for her book, Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence.  She is also editor of the Hungry Hearts Online Bible Commentary  For more information about her work, visit her website at

Her study entitled, Trinity Marriage and the Godhead, (Volume 1 of the God Women Ministry series) examines and refutes the theory of hierarchy within the eternal Godhead. 

Untranslated words in this excerpt of the HHBC
Elohiym  See above
YHWH H3068 (without vowels—Hebrew has no vowels) known as the Tetragrammaton) Yahweh; Sometimes translated as Jehovah; The true name of the name of the Almighty, known to scholars as the Tetragrammaton, the correct pronunciation is, Yahveh.” This pronunciation has never been lost, according to Jewish scholar, Kaufmann Kohler. In the HHBC, any New Testament citing of the Hebrew Tetragrammaton from an Old Covenant source will be treated as Hebrew. The letters YHWH will be used in the verse in place of LORD.   

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