Genesis 1:26-27 The was no "Eve" before the Fall

And ELOHIYM said Let us make 'âdâm in our image after our likeness [1] and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over the cattle and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth So ELOHIYM created 'âdâm in his image in the image of ELOHIYM created he him male and female created he them[2] Genesis 1:26-27

[1] It is because of this unparalleled egalitarian statement, that complementarians are desperate to prove that a hierarchal system exists within the Eternal God-head. Charles Stanley wrote, that if no hierarchy exists within the God-head, then there is no basis for the complementarian teaching of  hierarchy among humans based on gender.  
The book, Trinity Marriage and the Godhead, (Volume 1 of the God Women Ministry series) examines and refutes the theory of hierarchy within the eternal Godhead. 

[2] The great design and purpose of ELOHIYM for his human creation is outlined, in detail, in Genesis chapter one. The name He gave to them, 'Adam, is a Hebrew word (H120, and is pronounced audawm). In Genesis 1:26-28, we see that when ELOHIYM said, “Let us make audawm in our image…,” He was not referring to just the first male but rather to both His male and female creations. Audawm, is the name ELOHIYM gave to all humans—regardless of sex. Genesis 5:1-2 supports this, and no subsequent action[s] by a fallen creation can change this. Both male and female were created on the sixth day. And, at that time, there was only audawm, who were differentiated from one another by being called 'iysh (the male 'adam) and 'ishshah (the female 'adam). Until the third chapter of Genesis, audawm was called nothing else but audawm, 'iysh, or 'Ishshah. So, when speaking or writing of their existence before sin entered the world, it is incorrect to refer to the first woman as “Eve”. There was no “Eve” before the Fall. ELOHIYM called 'Ishshahaudawm,” the same as He did 'iysh. Understanding that before the Fall, both 'Ishshah and 'iysh were called 'adam (audawm) Genesis 5:1-2, lays to rest the ludicrous argument that gender hierarchy can be found in the creation account “because God called the entire human race ‘man—not woman.’” As we see, God did not call the entire human race “man.” He called them 'adam. Yet this outrageous claim, that God called the human race man—not women, is made by some complementarian [female subordination] teachers in laying the second block in a false foundation for the gender-hierarchy—male headship—theory (the first being the theory of hierarchy within the Godhead).

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