Complementarianism Hinders the Gospel of Jesus Christ

   The students at Lane Seminary—the first American school of higher education to admit women—chose to be expelled rather than give up speaking out against slavery. In one day, the school was virtually emptied.   
   Seminary students with gifts and callings from God to become pastors, teachers, and evangelists, recognized that institutionalized slavery was a grievous sin against God and humanity. It was a direct violation of scripture, and the largest American hindrance to the gospel itself. In an amazing demonstration of conviction, purpose, and commonality, the students at Lane Seminary experienced a wholesale change of direction in their ministries. They began channeling their gifts and callings into the difficult, and largely unpopular, task of setting at liberty those who were bound by the color of their skin.  
  Today, the evil spawn of traditional role religion, the seed of the serpent—complementarianism (created by CBMW)—is the largest worldwide hindrance to the good news of Audawm's peace with God through his Risen Son, Jesus Christ (Audawm is the phonetic spelling of the name YHWH Elohiym gave to all people—Genesis 5:2).
   In addition to the many other sins committed against women by those who created, teach, and perpetuate complementarianism, this despicable doctrine is the world’s greatest hindrance to spreading the Gospel, because it binds the hands and feet, and places a gag order on the mouths, of over one half of those who comprise the Body of the Christ—women. Complementarianism restricts women from being preachers of the Gospel. Women are forbidden to bring the Good News of Eternal Life, through faith in the Risen Son of the One True God, to anyone but to other women and children. 
   The expressed purpose of the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) is to silence the inspired, authoritative, voices of the women God has called into the work of publishing the Good News of Jesus Christ. This has resulted in a direct hindrance of the Gospel. In response to this, many others who are called to pastor, teach, and evangelize, in remarkable solidarity similar to that of the students at Lane Seminary, are finding their gifts and callings now channeled into the task of advocating for the chains to be broken from the hands and feet of God's daughters, and for the gags to be ripped from their mouths. 
   Just as the time finally came for slavery to be abolished, for God's people to repent and confess to the evil they had supported and prolonged, it is high time for the same to done to this monstrous belief and  practice that women are born into a caste of subjugation that prevents them from serving their God to fullest capacity in which he calls them.

The study entitled, Trinity Marriage and the Godhead, (Volume 1 of the God Women Ministry series) examines and refutes the theory of hierarchy within the Eternal Godhead. Charles Stanley stated that if there is no hierarchy within the Godhead, then there is no scriptural basis for the teaching doctrine of female submission. 


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