God did not name humanity "MANKIND"

   The NIV translation, one of the most popular versions, today, fabricates in its translation of Genesis 5:2, where it says God named his human creation "mankind." The ESV does the same where it falsely translates that God named his human creation "man."
   He did not.
   The Hebrew is clear on the name God bestowed on both his male and female creation, and there is no hermenuetical reason for the translation of this verse as we read it in these versions. God did not favor Iysh (the male human) by calling both Iysh and Ishshaw (the female human), by the name of the male, Iysh.
   Instead, God named them both, 'âdâm (pronounced audawm).
   Now, why, other than misogyny, would the translators of the NIV and ESV mislead their readers on this clear statement of equality embedded in humanity's very name?
   The book of Genesis distinguishes between male and female using the Hebrew words Iysh and Ishshaw, but the name bestowed equally on Iysh and Ishshaw, (all men and women) by the creator, YHWH ELOHIYM, himself, is, 'âdâm


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