Wives be Subject to Your Own Husbands: A commentary on Colossians 3:18-21

Wives hypotasso [yield to and support] [1] your own husbands as it is becoming in the Lord husbands love wives and be not bitter against them Children hypakouo [obey] parents in all things for this is well pleasing unto the Lord Fathers provoke not your children to anger lest they be discouraged [2]

Following is an excerpt from the Hungry Hearts Online Bible Commentary HHBC

[1] “In the context of biblical relationships between men and women, the best meaning of hypotasso is “to identify with or support” It has nothing to do with being subordinate to, secondary to, or subject to.” –Dr. Sue Hyatt. 

Hypotasso, does not always denote "under" in hierarchy. In 2 Corinthians 2:10-11, the word is translated as “over,” proving misogyny and even deliberate deception in commentaries and lexicons that define hypotasso as always portraying a hierarchal chain of command, where the husband is commanding officer and wife is subjected to (arranged “under”).

[2] Because of the curse, the desire to dominate is greater in men than in women (men especially seek to rule over their women –Genesis 3:16). 
   As soon as sin entered the world through the last sinless human, God predicted the general oppression of women [by men] would follow. And history reveals this prophecy has consistently [and with devastating effects on family and society] been fulfilled. Its fulfillment continues up to the present day, historical facts being confirmed by modern statistics. 
   The consequence of sin on woman, is the extreme opposite—to follow the path of least resistance, especially when it comes to turning after her man. History and statistics confirm this as well.
  The consequence of the Fall on woman, is the extreme opposite. Sin inclines her to follow the path of least resistance, especially when it comes to turning after her man. History and statistics confirm this as well. There are individual exceptions of course, both the dominating and the passive following, are sinful behaviors that can manifest in both women and men, but should be repented of and resisted by all Christians
   Role assignments in the family, culture, and religion are direct results of the curse, and therefore should be rejected by all Christians. 
   Through scriptures, such as this passage in Colossians chapter three, women are admonished to be supportive—not of all males—but of their own husbands, and only “in a becoming manner.” Blind, passive, subjection, is neither fitting nor becoming, but is rather, the sinful, cursed, behavior described on Genesis 3:16. 
   Fathers are instructed to give up harsh treatment of their families through the despotic behavior God predicted, and also to refrain from bitterness against what they perceive as “unsubmissive” behavior in their wives. 
   The complementarian “servant leader” model for husbands, is fanciful, false, and dangerous. Teachers who encourage men to walk in what Elohiym Himself describes as cursed behavior are in grave error. The servant leader model teaches men that they can rule over their wives “nicely,”  that it is acceptable to dominate wives as long as they go about it in a polite and gentle manner. 
   Teaching husbands, who the Bible warns will likely battle a life-long urge to dominate wives, that there is an acceptable way to”manage” this sin, is like giving methadone to a heroin addict. It may temporarily mitigate the worst part of the problem, but does not cure the addiction. Sinning against wives "nicely," is still sin. God’s way is better. Turn from sin. Repent of sin. Follow Christ. Love the Brethren. 
   In women, courage is praised and prized—In the Bible—though not generally by men. The Proverbs Thirty-One woman, was a woman of valor (“virtuous” sounds nice, but is a deliberately inaccurate translation). 
   Teaching women to be submissive to male leadership, is nothing less than a reinforcement of behavior that God has defined as a destructive consequence of sin. But women are not merely taught this. Historically, for thousands upon thousands of years, through oppressive laws, they were given no choice in the matter. 
   Modern women, who live in democratic societies, are currently pressured into accepting what would otherwise be an unacceptable paradigm by extravagant promises of bliss and happiness, and if that does not work, by dire predictions of familial, or even eternal, doom.  
   Both women and men are subject to sin in every possible way it can manifest through human behavior, but the Bible declares that there are also different sins that more easily beset one sex than the other. In men, it is dominance towards women. In women, it is passivity towards men. In any case, all Christians are commanded to be strong and unafraid, full of faith, and to prefer one another before themselves.   --  the Hungry Hearts Online Bible Commentary HHBC

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