How Adam wasTransformed from Sinner to Savior

During a Q & A session on a televised interview, one pastor/author elaborated elegantly, almost tearfully, at length, and without scripture to back his popular hypothesis on how Adam was a type of the savior, on how he loved his wife so much, that he “laid down his life for her.” 

Scripture actually says, that Adam stood right beside his wife, listening to the entire conversation between her and the serpent, and watching as she took a bite from the fruit—without saying a word

Why the silence? Why else would he stand by and do nothing except that he wanted the serpent to be right, and he was willing to take a chance on his wife’s life by not interfering with her deadly experiment? Then, when the experiment failed, without hesitation, he threw her under the bus by blaming her for his sin. And yet, Christian leaders continually teach the unscriptural lie, that the first man loved the first woman so much, that he committed a suicide of sorts. A Romeo and Juliet sort of thing. The story goes, that he laid down his life for her—choosing to die with his wife, rather than live without her. 

This sort of scriptural confusion about the first man and the first woman, seems to be uniform among complementarian leaders.

For the record: Adam did not lay down his life for anyone. After his failed attempt at godhood, he played the coward and blame-shifted the whole debacle onto his wife. It was Her fault!

This brings us to the next question [put to the afore-mentioned pastor/author] at the televised Q & A session: When asked what Genesis 3:15 meant, “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman…,”  the same pastor that elaborated so elegantly on an unscriptural lie, had so much to say about it—really—just went on and on about Adam’s redeeming love for his wife—how Adam represented Christ, etc…, etc..., this same pastor, was suddenly speechless. He said, “I don’t know. There is no context with which to interpret that statement. Next question?” 

That was it? “I don’t know??” 

What's not to know? The context is there and explains itself clearly. The woman was not married to the Redeemer--nor to any "type" of the Redeemer--but she was going to give birth to the Redeemer. For that reason [just for starters], the serpent would continually be at war with the first woman, and with all of her daughters and grand-daughters down through the ages. Another reason, is that she confessed her sin--she told the truth, and the record shows that she continued to hope in God and to serve God. Eve was the Mother of all Living [that was spiritually true as well as a physical fact], which leads to reason number two [for the serpent to be continually at war with the woman and with her seed, which included all women, the coming Messiah, and all men who hoped in coming Messiah along with her]. The Mother of all Living refers to as much to her faith and to the living faith of her descendants, those who, along with her, would place their hope in, and worship, the Messiah.

We can never know the details, but we can be reasonably certain, because of God’s prophecy [in Genesis 3:16], that beginning with the Fall, and continuing until Jesus comes to earth to establish his Kingdom, the driving force in most men, will be to dominate their wives. And there can be little doubt that the serpent used the first woman’s husband to make her life a living hell on earth. That is why, at least 235 years later, at the birth of her third son (but no doubt after numerous daughters), Eve was so excited to give birth to another son, because she believed this one would be the promised Messiah who would restore all things and deliver her from the curse. 

Scripture testifies that the woman continually looked [and longed] for the promised male child/deliverer. For at least two-hundred-plus years, she never gave up on God. Her words of hope and praise, at the birth of Seth, are recorded for all time, in Genesis 4:25. But after blaming to his wife and refusing to take personal responsibility for his sin, not one word is ever recorded as coming from the first man again

He never said another thing worth repeating. 

There is no scriptural testimony that Eve’s husband ever served God with her, after the Fall. In fact, the record shows just the opposite. It was not until hundreds of years later, after the birth of their grandson, 'Enowsh, that people [besides Eve, and possibly some of her daughters with her] began calling on the name of the Lord.

Biblical illiteracy, the historical banning of women from leadership, learning, and participation in the Bible translation process, has produced universal gender-biased-English-translation-theology, misogyny in Bible commentaries and  translations. These have all contributed to the fulfillment of the Genesis 3:16 prophecy, that [for the most part] men would be hell-bent on dominating their wives, and that [for the most part] their wives would let them. Without all of the above, the false doctrine of male headship, and the transformation of the first man from a bringer of death into a "type" of Jesus, our life-saving Redeemer, would never have been possible.

The time is long past for Christians to blindly trust pastors and teachers. Most of the heresies plaguing Christianity today, is taught in mainstream seminaries, Bible colleges, publications, Christian media, and bookstores. the Christian world has literally been flooded with error--through its most trusted sources. Believers must become biblically literate, and vigorously challenge, refute, and refuse to support [with either their money or their physical presence] heresies such as male headship/Redeemer-Adam teaching. Percentages of the tithe money given in faith to entire denominations, is contributed to organizations committed to the over-throw of women. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are donated annually by trusting church members who wish to participate financially in seeing the gospel preached to all the world. But, instead of the lion's share going to missions, a larger percentage of their tithe and offering money is given to organizations that do not major in feeding the poor nor preaching the gospel, but rather focus on the subjection of women to men. This is not the gospel.  

Not one penny of God's money should go to support male-headship/Adam-Redeemer teaching. Worthy ministries exist, that preach the gospel, help the poor, and contend for the faith--and do not exalt men over women, or husbands over wives. Have the courage to publicly support these with your prayers, physical attendance, volunteerism, tithes, and offerings. Determine to raise your daughters and sons in environments that place equal value [in both essence and function] on both women and men, boys and girls.

Scripture Challenge: Since the scriptures plainly say that death came by Adam—not life. How is it that the Christian community allows their leaders to consistently, and unscripturally, portray Adam as a type of the life-giver, rather than the opposite. Why is it that Christians allow their pastors and teachers to get away with teaching the blasphemous lie that the man who brought death to all humans, was actually a type of our Savior

 Scripture please.

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