Acts 7:26 Double Standard in Bible Translation Treatment of Women and Men

Acts 7:26 And the next day he showed himself to them as they strove and would have set them at one again saying Sirs[1] you are brethren why do you wrong one to another

[1] There are myriads of examples in Bible translation where groups of people that include women are called “men.” In all cases where a woman is addressed directly, the translators simply call her “woman”—not ma”am. Not madam. Just “woman.” Yet, in this instance, where men are squabbling among themselves and even physically fighting, the translators do not simply translate the Greek word, aner, as “men,” but, instead, use an uncalled for deference and respect by addressing the unruly group as, “sirs.” However, let it be noted that when it comes to women, no such respect is ever shown in the English versions. Bible translators have uniformly exercised an unconscionable double standard in, as the writer of proverbs puts it, applying varying weights and a false balance, when choosing which words to use in describing women as opposed to word choices in describing men Proverbs 20:23

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