Complementarian-Assumption-Bombs: Effective Thought Control

   This writer was reading a book about science and the Bible, when, out of the blue, an assumption about Job making sacrifices to God as the "head of his family" was unexpectedly dropped into the middle of a discourse about scientific facts contained in the Book of Job.  
   This is called a "complementarian-assumption-bomb." 
   Job's function as priest in his family had nothing to do with his legal status as head of his family. Priests are mediators between humans and God. This post will discuss the function of priesthood and why Old Testament priests were always male, as we examine the complementarian habit of assumption-bombing, and how this practice influences the thoughts and ideas of passive listeners.
   Complementarian-assumption-bombing, occurs while people are reading about (or listening to) subjects completely unrelated to female subjection. Writers or speakers momentarily diverge from the main topics (which could be about anything) and unexpectedly toss in a complementarian assumption--as established fact (when in fact, it has not been established at all). Then, without explanation, without missing a beat, the writer/speaker immediately moves on, switching back to their original subject.
    This usually happens within a space of one or two seconds, and passes without the audience ever noticing. But, in reality, they have noticed. They have passively heard. The statement  has been recorded in their subconscious minds. 
   Readers and listeners--at this point--are  given no opportunity to critically analyze the assumption. They often give little to no thought to the idea...until it is later resurrected, and, more importantly, challenged.  
   It is then, that the fruit of complementarian-assumption-bombing manifests. 
  Male headship is often defended using arguments and slogans heard primarily through through assumption-bombing. 
   Thinking people are encouraged to challenge leaders who use this subjective method of impacting the thoughts and ideas of those within their spheres of influence. Male headship ideas of complementarian writers/speakers would naturally get inserted into most any topic they write or speak about, and in all fairness to sincere Christians, all assumption-bombing is likely not intentional, but should be challenged, nonetheless.
   It is this writer's opinion, that the complementarian-assumption-bombing method of influencing thought and ideas, has not been challenged enough. Christian audiences are encouraged to critically consider ideas presented to them, through any medium, including assumption-bombing. Question foregone conclusions (those reached without putting them to objective testing).
   In court trials, lawyers understand the effectiveness of assumption-bombing. They toss out an assumption, and, even if objected to and sustained, they know the jury has already heard the "evidence." But after complementarian-assumption-bombs have been dropped, there is no lawyer to shout, "Objection!," as there would be in a Court of Law, where constructive criticism (weighing the evidence) takes place. There is no judge present to sustain the objection.
   One unsubstantiated assumption, complementarians make, is that there were no female priests in the Old Testament, hence, God does not call women to leadership in the Church. This error, is taught directly, widely disseminated, and absorbed indirectly, through assumption-bombing.
   There is a good reason there were no female priests [of the God of Israel] in the Old Testament. Everything in the Mosaic Law is prophetic of Jesus, both his person and his atoning work. Aside from the once yearly sacrifice of the Red Heifer, all of the sacrificial animals were male, along with the priests--because they too, were types of Jesus. 
   So we see that the male priesthood was a type of Jesus (who is a human male), and was not a type of any God-ordained patriarchy. 
   In the New Testament, we do not have a mediator priesthood composed of only males. We have only one mediator between God and all humans, the human Christ Jesus. All believers have instant access to God through his Risen Son. 
   Under the New Covenant, we have a priesthood of believers, composed of all Christians--regardless of sex.    
   So the complementarian-assumption-bomb, dropped into the psyche's of anyone reading the book on science and the Bible (that this writer was reading), is mistaken in its premise that Job's position as the priest of his family was due to the fact that he was the legal head of his family. 
   Even in ancient times, before the Law of Moses, sacrifices were always types of Jesus. God, himself, performed the first blood sacrifice, in providing covering (forgiveness/protection) for the first man and the first woman.
   Both the male animal and the male human/priest [offering the sacrifice], were types of the male Messiah in both his priesthood and atoning death. 
   There is a reason for Messiah being male that has absolutely nothing to do with female subjugation. It is not within the scope of this article to examine that subject, but the reason for a male Messiah is explained in the book, Woman this is WAR! Gender, Slavery and the evangelical Caste System
   Active learning, through regular Bible reading and substantiating facts, is pleasing to God. We have his Word on it. The scriptures command active listening (judging all things by the Word of god). 
   Once an assumption-bomb is dropped, we can not "un-hear" it. So, we must  break the habit of passive listening, and use critical thinking to actively weigh all claims and comments objectively.

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