Complementarian Censorship

   The Christian world is flooded with complementarian books and resources promoting inequality between women and men (male headship teaching).
   Almost every major denomination, and all large, well known, Christian media outlets promote the complementarian position, while actively censoring those who advocate for equality. Lifeway Bookstores, Moody media empire, The Christian News Wire**, Concerned Women for America, Focus on the Family, and Christianity Today top a very long list.

**In 2014, egalitarians had to shame the Christian Newswire into running a paid press release. The same Christian News outlet that had  previously run seven releases (totaling close to $1000 in cost) and sent a private email applauding this writer's work on, Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence, and , Woman this is WAR! Gender, Slavery and the Evangelical Caste System (2007-2010), refused to run a $160 egalitarian press release  in 2014.
   This was no doubt in response to pressure from their largest source of income--complementarian organizations and ministries.
   Such is the long arm of complementarian censorship.
   After some bloggers went public with the censorship, Christian News Wire experienced a change of heart and published the release.

 Search results on Christian Newswire for this author's paid media releases 2007-2010
   Egalitarian pastors, Bible teachers, and even a growing body of complementarian seekers, would like to see more books, devotionals, and sermon/bible study/group resources available on the topic of gender equality in the Church.
   While these are being produced, they are not being published in numbers that come anywhere close to totaling those of complementarian publications, nor are they generally marketed to the Christian community at large, through local Christian bookstores, churches, denominations, or denominational publishing houses (all of these, together, reach a significant majority of the Body of Christ).
   Complementarian leaders often warn followers against reading egalitarian resources. But more and more complementarian Christians are questioning the wisdom submitting to such censorship. Christians who want to study the subject further, find a paucity of scriptural resources in local Christian bookstores,  church libraries, and public libraries. In all of these, shelves are virtually empty when it comes to books on the subject of equality--but frequently welled stocked with books that espouse male-headship/complementarianism.
   For this reason, book publishers are being urged to serve the entire Christian population--not just the complementarian segment of the Church--by seeking out and publishing more resources on functional equality between women and men.
      As previously stated, there is a growing array of Christian resources that present the scriptural case for equality, but, as a rule, these do not enjoy the wide platform complementarian resources do. For that reason, a petition has been started to encourage publishers to seek out and publish more resources from the perspective of equality for Christian men and women.
    It is time for the censorship to stop. It is time for publishers who claim to provide books for the entire Christian community, to stop being one-sided favoring inequality.

Let your voice be heard in favor of giving equality equal time and equal space in our bookstores. If you would like to see more books and resources published on equality for Christian women and men,  please take a moment to read and sign the petition to Publishers

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